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Learn to write killer argumentative thesis statements by exploring these links:

Integrating  quotations:

  • Three strategies for embedding quotations and a nifty YouTube video here.
  • More embedding quotes information and examples here.
  • Examples and strategies for quoting and paraphrasing here.
  • Great explanation of punctuation rules for quotations here.

Add coherence to your writing with transitions:

  • Great article on using transitions within and between paragraphs here.
  • Transitions add coherence to your writing. Find them here and here.

 More Essay Writing Help:

  • Every essay is an argument! Learn why you need an argument in most of your essays here.
  • Strategies for writing snappy introductions here. Pay special attention to the “What Not to Do” section!
  • Find editing strategies  here.

MLA Formatting:

  • Check out Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL)  for excellent MLA citation information.
  • Galladalet University’s excellent MLA style guide here.  Annotated Research Essay example here.
  • To cite or not to cite: How to avoid plagiarism strategies here.
  • Try Son of Citation to automatically organize source material into correct MLA format
  • Paraphrasing defined here.
  • Try a quick paraphrasing quiz here.
  • Paraphrasing practice here.
  • Purdue OWL’s paraphrasing exercises w/ answers here.


  • Grammar Bytes! offers excellent, often humorous,  grammar terms, interactive exercises (with cyber prizes!) , and usage rules.
  • Is it a Clause or is it a Phrase? Find out how to tell the difference here.
  • Chapel Hill’s excellent fragments and run-ons handout here.
  • More on clauses here.
  • Punctuating essential and non-essential clauses here and here.
  • Excellent Clause Quizzes and more here.
  • Comma rules here.  Scroll down the page.
  • Big Dogs Grammar–succinct explanations and self-tests here.
  • University of Illinois’ Writing Center- -online grammar handbook here.
  • Daily Grammar–Tons of short lessons on every conceivable grammar topic here.
  • Active or Passive voice–what’s the big deal? Find out here. Embrace the active voice and write with clarity.
  • Agreement errors? Learn how to correct them here.
  • Subjects, Verbs, and Objects here.
  • Coll Writ Final Exam Links here.

Shakespeare Links:

  • Shakespeare Resource Center here.
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica’s guide to Shakespeare here.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare site here.
  • Elizabethan Era here.
  • More Shakespeare links here.



Humor and Mishmash:


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